Human – Kind itself embodies Kindness, compassion and love

As at the end of the day,

Our broken souls need somebody to lean on

This world is also becoming a difficult place to live in

Killing innocent people mercilessly

All around conflicts, destruction and disharmony

Amidst all of this,

What we need – gentle hands, sparkling eyes, lively souls

To restore the faith in humanity

just like that

He asked : what’s so relaxing now a days? 

She replied: Writing. It is like baring my soul altogether to the whole world without screaming at anyone


What you say was never a love

This is how I realize I love myself way too much


She asked : what are your eyes yearning for ?

He replied: Our society is now vulnerable to flattering, babbling and self-centeredness. So I am yearning for something real. Something which is full of flaws yet seems perfect to me.


He asked : how much does I mean to you ?

She replied: you are my favourite ice-cream which never disappoint me. I just can’t over you. Adopting your mannerisms, itself proves how much I am in awe with you.

I value

Since I have experienced pain, agony or distress

I cherished little things in my life

Since I am devoid of happiness

I found contentment with my loved ones

Since I encountered failure

I tasted success like a wine

Since I succumbed to lot of struggles

I found solitude in my journey

Since I mourn over death ones

I value hope

since  I know sorrow

I make sure not to destroy me

As god is by my side like a shield to take care of everything

Since I am prone to heartbreaks and betrayal

I value love

Catch on moments of life

To make a world better place to live in

Don’t make haste

Catch on moments of life

laugh, giggle like anything

Feel grateful what life has bestowed upon you

Every chapter good or bad solely belongs to you, my dear

Even at your weakest,

You will find strength and courage to fight all the odds

During your glorious times,

Celebrate and cherish that moment as

It may never come again


Sooner or later, you will realize that it’s too late to adore your blissful life

Don’t be petrified speculating about

What future holds for you

Your current situation lies in your hands

So give your best shot and strive for excellence

This what you can aim for

Shed away your inhibitions

Run wild

Go crazy

It’s now groovy these days

Pray hard

God is there to hold your hands always

Life is a paradise only when

You enjoy little things in life

If someone is kind and lovely with you

Appreciate that

Shower them with presents

Say thank you and apologize if necessary

It’s not going to make you anything less


If someone makes much of you

Then look after them

Show your presence even though not needed

Call them unprompted

Never lose them

They are rare diamonds hard to find


Play games, not with emotions

As broken souls are difficult to mend

Don’t be self-centered

As when we are united, we are more stronger and happier

Don’t be harsh on you

As there is no one pretty like you, beautiful soul

don’t whine about petty things


learn and grow with sorrow

and let it not destroy you


Be a lighthouse

Who helped the wrecked ship from misery

Socialize and treat animals with care and compassion

To restore the faith in humanity

So at the end,

My love

Your life falls in love with you and your spirit






rang manch

Hasrateein bhi bahut thi

Bas aitbaar na tha

Nighaane e shauq mein behte gaye

Anzaamo se bekhabar

Dil ne kaha

Ruksat kardo un yaadon ko

Jo tumhari hua karti thi

Ayadat kehkar nasihat dekar chal diye

Tumhari khidmat par mashroof hum

Dard ko bhi haste- haste apna liye

Dil ki darwaze par tum bas dastak deke chale gaye

Kabhi mere pass baithe toh sahi

Guftugu toh karte

Bas ek umar bhar ka

Ranj-0-gham dekar chal diye

ek dafaa

Ek dafaa

Pyaar to kar kar dekhiye

Ek dafaa

Muskurakar toh dekhiye

Ek dafaa

Apna bana kar to dekhiye


Ek dafaa

Dil ko sunkar toh dekhiye

Ek dafaa

Naino se guftugu karke dekhiye

Ek dafaa

Khyal to kar ke dekhiye

Aj zara

Apne aap ko aaine mein toh dekhiye

Khud b khud apko pyar ho jayega



Amidst all this chaos and in this world of distress,

Whispering into her ears lit up her mood like nobody else


I am not the one who you want me to be

I am the one who I choose to be

unsaid longings

She doesn’t need your money


she is financially independent


she doesn’t need only your gifts


what she actually needs is your attention


she doesn’t need your success


she can build an empire of her own

so stay consistent and loyal

this is what all she needs


Main jahaan bhi jata hu

Tum mere saath hote ho

Mere har aks par tumhara naam hai

Tumhari ibadat mein sukoon hai

Tumhari bandagi  mein inayaat hai khuda

Tumko pake maine saara  jahaan jo pa liya