What makes us alive?

It has been such a long time, I haven’t posted here. So, I would like to address certain questions which I guess have been trying hard to answer them. or to put it simply, I assume these answers found me.

firstly, What makes us alive?

This journey so far is never so easy for me. Life offers me both sweet and bitter memories to share.  Reminiscing those childhood days, I realized that I was grappling with a lot of issues such as identity crisis, lack of confidence, mental stress, false friendships to name a few. This canvas of life appears to be deadpan.

I was not contented with the way my life is heading to, even though, I was always used to be a meritorious student and excel in studies.  I do have a caring family, yet no one to share my feelings. I was all alone. Something was just killing me. But no matter, how worse the situation is, I made sure to true to myself. I cannot demean or bog down someone for my own selfish purposes. As at the end of the day, it’s not going to define me.

But contemplating those times, the most powerful tool to battle against them is hope and positivity. Sooner or later, everything is going to be fine. My inner voice used to tell me every single day.

Not now, but Life would surely be kind to me.

As I have never any bloody intentions to hurt somebody’s feelings. I keep feelings to myself but some people are good at trampling gentle heart.

Over the time, I have nothing against them as my inner peace is of paramount importance to me. I don’t believe in holding back those people who never appreciated me for being who I am.

I have just one thing to mention here. Thank you for making me more stronger and bringing clarity to my mind for my very existence.

You can fight all odds in life if you stay positive and see the life with blessings and gratitude because this attitude prepares us for today, tomorrow and then eventually our future which seems to be really promising to all of us.

Hope doesn’t cost anything. It’s the state of being happy and contented even when you don’t have nothing.

I keep on telling myself, now- You are special. You are the divine, pure and gentle soul that needs to be filled with love, care, and compassion. All those ill-feelings like hatred, jealousy, maliciousness must not have any space in your mind. Not to forget, our sub-conscious mind is influenced by our conscious thoughts. These vibes also reciprocate in the same way. Today, I can proudly say that I am blessed with amazing people in my life who support me in every possible way. I call them-,, My treasures’’ making me feel utterly special and bringing out the best in me.

So start appreciating and accepting for whom you are. Every day, I see distressed souls smiling at each other. That’s the beauty need to be appreciated. Their smiles cheer up my mood like anything and whispering me into my ears, darling- The best is yet to come. Never lose hope.







aarzoo dabi si reh gayi

ek nazar ghuma kar toh dekhiye

janab yu katra katra na ho jaye aap

humko azmake toh dekhiye

jazbaat par humara jor nahi

ishq ke dariya mein doob jo gaye hai

ab usme tairna toh seekha dijiye

band aankhein apki jhalak sekti hai

dil hain ki manta hai nahi

is dimag ke janaze mein itna jor nahi

ki hume apni mohabbat se ruksat kar de

kya hua

apne koshish ni ki

par hum toh janisar ho gye

dil ke gharounde mein apko jo basa liya

ab koi aur raah jaati nahi

ab aap hi bataye

is na cheez ko kaise lubhaye

is na cheez ko kaise keh de

ki tumko mere har aks se mita de

meri jubaan se tumhara naam mita de


kaisi si bandigi hai

jo inayaat bhi hai

aur badua bhi

my tiny little brain

At times, you don’ t have any control over your thoughts. They just keep on banging and banging. so what to do ?

My mind is cluttered with too many things.

need some peace

could you just stop thinking for a while?

I need some relief

but my stubborn mind says

I am just like you

I beg you

please clear off these relentless thoughts

can’t concentrate

Banging you on my head all the time


are you listening to me?

I need some sigh of relief

Life seems to be going upside down

so messed up I am

no way out

trapping into vicious circle of hard life

trying to be positive

but result doesn’t seem like so

where to go

losing my shit

Can anyone rescue me?

take me away from these thoughts

I want to breathe, laugh and feel alive

robing away my peace of mind

Bewildered, lost I am

can anyone rescue me?

need your help

Baby stop overthinking

and let me enjoy my life

its already screwed up

don’t be so harsh on me, my mind

let’s just go with the flow

and be filled with gratitude and love






just look at you


you are freaking awesome


Life is falling in love with you


you are mesmerizing like a mermaid


your sparkling eyes rob away my sleep

that’s why

my heart isn’t satiated before I look at you


close your eyes and hold my hand gently


finding everyday new passion in you


your originality and honesty hooked me up

I don’t know why

can’t just get over you

please stop being so nice and kind

I don’t feel like sober

when I look at you

please don’t rush

take a deep breath and dive into sea

channelise your mind into thinking something good

and hey,

I envy you- being so energetic, rejuvenated, joyous

spreading positivity all over

oh my love,

you are the greatest blessing

and so I cherish every moment I spent with you

don’t turn away your eyes

you are amazing and stunningly pretty in and out


amazing me with your kindness

amazing me with your kind words and actions

that’s how I want to feel

because what makes me happy – little things, sweet gestures

what attracts me – benevolent souls

so be the one who you look up to

as world needs people like you

so stay sassy, glowy and passionate

my bae


to myself








aaye the wo tuta dil lekar

sambhala tha humne unhe

par kadar na kari usne

aur chod gaya beech raha mein

peetlo ki chah mein

is baat se bekhabar

kya gawah gya is beed bhari duniya mein

na jaane kaisi khwab sajaye hai

naino ne mere

jo kabhi sach aur jhooth lagte hai

band karu aankhein toh hakeekat lagte hai

kholu toh sardiyon ki dhund ki tarah lagte hai

yeh naina kya kehte hai

samaj hi nahi aata

confusion si hai badi

madhoshi si chahi hai

ab sapno ko hakeekat jo banana hai

hawa bhi manmani karti hai

tumhari tarah

jaisi kuch hua na ho

apni marzi karti hai

jaise kuch hua na ho

namakool mohabbat toh hum kar baithe

jo usme doobte hi chale gaye



A poem on domestic abuse

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There was this girl

Naïve, submissive brought up in a very disciplined environment

Since childhood, she was learnt to obey and follow everything

What comes on her way

Even at times, she tried to be rebellious

Her voice was unheard and went unnoticed

Her aspirations, dreams were just ripped off literally

She was never permitted to go out and talk to boys

She sat all day long in a verandah helping her mother in household chores

Over the time, she accepted this as her fate

Though She was intellectual but her critical thinking put to an end

With this an amazing solution –MARRIAGE

To put it simply, to get rid of your responsibilities as a parent

And leaving her behind unprepared for life’s struggles

The easiest way of killing her dreams

She never saw the man before

Her parent never looked for her advice

They imposed her thinking on her

This seems to be like a pure business

Her parent was only interested in family status rather than her own daughter’s happiness

Unfortunately, to put speculations to rest, That young boy was merely a nightmare

He did nothing. He just roamed all around relying on his father’s income

What he did

Woeing other women to appetize her sexual desires

This simple girl was unaware of the fact

For him, marriage is equivalent to sex

On the contrary, for her, it’s love

Two people, polar opposites still together

I wonder why

Might be she believed in hope

One day

He would be a good husband

Reality has something else to offer

He was raised up in a patriarchal society

Where masculinity signifies women’s suppression, man dominance over the other

Suppressing desires and sexuality

He believed that with this solemnisation,

He got legit right to touch her gentle body

He never loved her just see her as a reproductory machine

Producing babies of him

Yet, she was unfazed by this sheer reality

She keep on believing in karma and good things

He will change some day

But he didn’t

He became even more ferocious and alcoholic

Every sip he consumes he tend to become savage and wild

This bruised her emotionally and physically

She endures all these pains with a smile

Dismally, there was no one to count on

Her own family would no longer support her

So, she is pinning her hopes on her children

One day, when they will grow up

They will bring her joy she deserves

During this period of time, he left any stone unturned

To humiliate her in public

He scolded for no reason

He openly talked about extra-marital affairs without realizing how it felt to be a wife

He did ‘’Aiyashi’’ and spent lavishly his money on Alcohol, women and him

He mortagaged his jewellery land without giving a second thought to his children

He hit her blue and black leaving her in intense pain

Inspite of all of this, she never gave up on her

Society won’t do any good to her if she would be a divorcee

This question baffles her like anything

Who would be going to marry her daughter?

Who would accept her and her children?

As society, it would always be a women’s fault not able to compromise

Men are subject to do things freely

They can booze, do sex and roam around freely

But women are accountable for every damn it thing

I am sorry but we failed as a society

I am sorry but we failed as a parent not

Teaching her to be independent

And making it aware to our kids  about gender sensitisation

If you love her, don’t destroy her

He regretted now as she was just perfect with all her flaws

She stood everytime he needed her

He was the first and last man she loved

Though he never valued her

May be

A blacksmith can never know the worth of real gems

And so

At the end

They drifted apart and she choose to stand for herself












He asked: what’s so contagious?

she replied: your smile. and your eyes It just uplifts my mood like any thing. Your drooling eyes simply took my breath away


Is there any issue ?

You don’t text me back

My mind is cluttered with negative thoughts

You promise me to stand always next to me like a rock

What went wrong?

What made you change?

Trying to introspect things from different angles

Where have you gone?

Leaving me in distress and anxiety

I look for you in everyone’s soul

Just to have a glimpse of you

My friend, I need you badly like an oxygen

Now, I am left with your sweet and bitter memories

The times which we have spent together

Please don’t do this to me

I ponder

Why are you doing this to me?

I am left with nothing

Please rescue me from internal injury and heartbreak

I can’t endure this any more

Talk to me once

Give me one chance

I am sure we will sort it out together

What went wrong? My love

When sun rises and sets

Under the stars, I remember you and your soothing voice

You are one thing for me

I am entangled in my own thoughts

Please rescue me

What’s the issue?

Tell me

I will listen to it patiently like an innocent child

Not showing any sort of crease on my forehead

Give this relationship one more chance

I won’t give up on you

As my love

My all time favourite thing is you and your company

My poor soul stumbles upon your soul only

I endeavour many a times to find you in someone else

But I failed

May be

We all are so beautiful carved in our own beautiful ways

If there is any issue,

Tell me my flaws or mistakes

Don’t keep it to yourself

I won’t judge you

Your long standing silence is killing every inch of my soul

Don’t you recall good things of us?

I choose you over anyone else

Your ignorance has literally ripped my soul

I am clueless

Where to go and sob like a little kid?

I am losing myself everyday in finding you

Please don’t do this to me

What’s the issue?

We will resolve together

I don’t give up on you so easily

My emotions and feelings are still the same

As if the clock has stopped working

I stand still hoping you will come back

It’s so freaking easy to lose me?

Isn’t it?

How can you forget those days?

When I make you feel every time so special

I brew a cup of coffee

Play your favourite song

Taking out time from my busy schedule just to be with you

I am perplexed and lost

What’s the issue ?

My love